Treetop Drop

Walk-ups welcome.

There is no pre-booking required for the Treetop Drop although passes can be purchased online in advance of arrival to speed up the check-in process.



If you are looking for the most adrenaline inducing experience in the Cypress Hills this summer, look no further than the Treetop Drop that towers above our basecamp.

The Treetop Drop is the fan favourite of all the activities at our site as most people tend to do a quick jump after their zipline tour to give themselves that one final shot of adrenaline before carrying on their way. Although it is very popular, it isn’t for everyone that’s for sure. This activity has been known to push the emotional limits of even the most adventurous of explorers!

How it works

Each Treetop Drop pass gives you three jumps.

You may also select a single jump option if you prefer!

Stop in at our basecamp office to purchase your passes or pick up the ones you purchased online. Once you receive them, we will direct you over to the harnessing deck to redeem your pass. One of our crew members will then help you get into a harness, fit you with a climbing helmet, and begin the safety briefing for the activity.

The Treetop Drop session begins once the climber has donned a harness and ends when their jumps are completed OR once the climber removes their harness, whichever comes first.

Treetop Drop passes are non-transferable to other guests once redeemed.

What’s Included

  • Climbing Harness
  • Climbing Helmet
  • Treeosix Crew member to assist during the session

Things to Bring

  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Shorts, pants, or leggings
  • Ponytail to tie back longer hair
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Adventurous spirit
  • Bottle of water

Check-In Process

There is no pre-booking required although treetop drop passes can be purchased in advance of arrival online. Walkups welcome.

Stop in at our basecamp office to purchase your passes or pick up the ones you purchased online.

Know Before You Go

Our custom parachute jump, utilizes devices called PowerFans® that simulate what it is like floating to the ground connected to a parachute. Although it may look like a bungy-jump of sorts, it’s more controlled and gives you a smoother decent with an element of freefall.

As the Treetop Drop has two separate launch platforms, our Treeosix crew members who assist you can have multiple people treetop dropping at a single time.

We try to maintain a maximum number of participants allowed on the activity at any given time to ensure all guests have plenty of time to experience it. Despite this, there may be wait times depending on the day.


Participant requirements

All participants must weigh between 50 and 225 lbs. This is the optimal operating range for the treetop drop which is determined by the manufacturer.

Recommended for Ages 10 and up. As the treetop drop is proven to push the emotional limits of most individuals, we recommend this minimum age for all participants.

Liability waiver requirements

Our waivers must be completed electronically.

All guests must sign our waiver prior to participating in our activities.

Guests under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

We highly recommend filling out your waivers in advance of arrival to ensure your check-in process is as seamless as possible.

Cypress Hills Liability Waiver


Cancellation Policy

Treetop drop passes are non-refundable once purchased and non-transferable once redeemed. Passes can be redeemed at anytime prior to the expiry date listed on the receipt or the last day of the current season, whichever comes first. We do not issue refunds or store credit for passes that are not redeemed within the current season and do not reschedule unused passes to future seasons.

Extreme weather policy


Our Treetop Drop is closed when it is raining. We do not offer rain cheques.


We urge all guests to evacuated the Treetop Drop area whenever extreme weather conditions exist in the area.

Purchase Passes Online

Purchase your Climbing Wall, Treetop Drop, and Mini-Zip for Kids passes online prior to arrival to speed-up the check-in process!

Each basecamp activity requires a separate pass to participate.

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Another amazing memory with Treeosix

The staff are so welcoming and always helpful. We rented the E bikes again this year and also attempted the tree top drop. OMG climbing up is the easy part. Wow is that nerving to stand up there and look down, then having to jump off a perfectly good platform..haha! Wow that was a feeling I haven’t felt for 30 years! Staff was so encouraging thanks for an awesome day guys!

by Darren from Canada on Aug 20 2022

Tree Top drop fun!

The tree top drop jump was great fun. Got to do 3 jumps – the operator in charge was so energetic and honest and made the experience fun!

by Meagan from Canada on Aug 28 2022

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