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April 2, 2022

The 3 Best Hikes in Cypress Hills

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After a day of zipping, Treeosix guides like to get grounded with a hike. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park has plenty of them for any skill level.

Cypress Hills Park is one of the most diverse places in Canada, so of course there’s no shortage of neat hikes in the area. From forest to plains, short to long, there’s a trail for everyone. Here are our three favourites!

Native Prairie Trail

Hiking - Native Prairie Trail - FlowersHiking - Native Prairie TrailHiking - Native Prairie Trail - Views

Length- 2 km loop
Time- 1 hour
Difficulty- easy

This is one of the “prairie” trails. Hike along the crest of the hills with a view towards the North and you can practically see half of Saskatchewan from here. Hiking on the edge of the forest, over a prairie landscape, you’ll see many wildflowers.

Whispering Pines Trail

Hiking - Whispering Pines Trail - BenchHiking - Whispering Pines Trail - Forest FloorHiking - Whispering Pines Trail

Length- 2.4 km loop
Time- 1-1.5 hours
Difficulty- easy to moderate

Whispering Pines will take you right through the heart of the lodgepole pine forest with a few aspen groves thrown in along the way. About halfway through you’ll come to a park bench with a view to have a rest on.

When we hike this trail we always have the thought in the back of our mind that there are eyes on us. You might think “am I being stalked by a cougar right now?”, which makes it both thrilling and terrifying. Take a friend or two with you so you don’t spend the whole time looking over your shoulder 😉

Disclaimer: we’ve never actually seen a cougar on or near this trail.

Side note: The Whispering Pines Trail intertwines with a couple of the other trails in the park, so if you wanted you could make a longer hike out of it!

Rotary Highlands Interpretive Trail

Hiking - Rotary Highlands Interpretive Trail - RiverHiking - Rotary Highlands Interpretive Trail - LakeHiking - Rotary Highlands Interpretive Trail - Bridge

Length- 2 km loop
Time- 1-1.5 hours
Difficulty- easy

This trail loops around a river, so you’re bound to see lots of water animals. You’re surrounded by forest, but only enter it a couple of times along the hike. Watch out for all types of oose’s (moose and goose) on this trail.

There are so many more hiking trails in the park, especially in the West Block! If you live in the area, or are just visiting, challenge yourself to hike them all this summer!


Find a map of the Centre Block trails HERE 

Find a map of the West Block trails HERE

Don’t forget that the Trans Canada Trail also runs through the park! More information on that HERE

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