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April 6, 2022

Owner Spotlight: The Kirk Family

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Jori Kirk

Jori grew up on a farm in Climax, SK and completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing & Tourism from the University of Calgary in 2008.

Rarely sleeps or eats during peak season.
Enjoys building stuff.
Does everything.

Emma Kirk

Emma (maiden name Stark) grew up in Prince Albert, SK and completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Management from the University of Saskatchewan in 2014.

Doesn’t know how to guide a tour.
Hardly contributes creatively.
Decent with numbers.

Claire Kirk

Born in Prince Albert and being raised in the woods. Arrived in September so she really has no clue what is going on but doesn’t seem to mind.

Doesn’t really help out much.
Sleeps a lot.
Pretty lazy.

Finn, Aksel, Kina, and Gunnar

Born and raised in Saskatchewan. Some call them “The Wolfpack”. Others call them “The Dummies”. All we know is these Norwegian Elkhounds sure make life interesting.

When not sleeping, barking.
When not barking, sleeping.
If neither, gone.

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