About Us

About Treeosix Adventure Parks

The bona fide pioneer of guided, eco-friendly zip line tours in the forests of Saskatchewan.

Treeosix Adventure Parks (formerly Eco-Adventures) was founded in 2010. Our first location, the Cypress Hills tour, is located in the heart of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in southwest Saskatchewan. At that moment in time, our company was one of the first three companies in Canada who were unleashing the joy of zip lining to visitors from all walks of life! As our popularity grew (and as we improved our experience), we embarked on a new adventure in northern Saskatchewan. Our second location, the Elk Ridge tour, brought some adrenaline to the beautiful Elk Ridge Resort in northern Saskatchewan in 2015.

Between our two award-winning locations, we offer over 6,000 linear feet of zip lines through the two most spectacular forest ecosystems that Saskatchewan has to offer; the boreal forest of northern saskatchewan and the lodgepole pine forest of the Cypress Hills! Pair that with our amazing ship’s ladders, rope ladder, heart-pumping sky bridges, parachute simulators (Cypress Hills), a giant swing (Elk Ridge), and the most experienced/hilarious zip line tour guide team in province and you’ve got a recipe for an adrenaline pumping, nature-loving, authentically Saskatchewanian good time!

The Owners

Treeosix Adventure Parks is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Jori & Emma Kirk, who are both born and raised Saskatchewanians. Jori grew up on a farm in Climax, SK and completed a Bachelors of Commerce in Marketing & Tourism from the University of Calgary in 2008. He is also currently serving an appointment as a board member of Tourism Saskatchewan. Emma (maiden name Stark) grew up in Prince Albert, SK and completed a Bachelors of Commerce in Management from the University of Saskatchewan in 2014. Jori & Emma along with their four Norwegian Elkhound dogs spend the summers living on site, ensuring operations run smoothly, and exploring everything that Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and Prince Albert National Park / Waskesiu have to offer in their spare time. :)

Our Mission

From the very beginning, this has been Treeosix’s mission:

To provide our guests with the opportunity to connect with Nature in exciting ways while ensuring that our experience is sustainable, educational, and eco-friendly in order to preserve our outdoor playground for generations to come.

We’ve received numerous industry awards over the years (both provincially and nationally) and have earned a reputation as a tourism operation that takes pride in doing the little details that make a big difference. Since incorporating in 2010, we’ve hosted over 60,000+ guests at our sites, refined our operations each year to stay on top of the latest international safety standards, and worked really hard to retain the best zip line guides in the province to ensure consistency in our adventures.

We also take great pride in supporting the local areas in which we operate through donations and staff-driven initiatives with the goal of creating a healthier planet!

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: It’s all about having fun, pushing your boundaries, and finding your happy dance. That’s what we believe.

What's behind the name "Treeosix Adventure Parks"?

Formerly Eco-Adventures 306 Collective, we changed our name in 2017.

This name change came about to clarify and reflect that we aren’t just a zip line tour (although our zip line tours are wicked fun) as our basecamps have developed a lot in the past six years, thanks to feedback from our customers. In reality, we are a true “adrenaline park” with many activities at our basecamps that are designed to push your boundaries and help you find your happy dance!

Here’s the skinny on our why we call ourselves; Treeosix Adventure Parks:

  • Treeosix: our new name is a reflection of our playful attitude as well as the province we call home. We’ve been locally owned and operated in Saskatchewan (area code: 306 aka “Three-Oh-Six”) since our first year of operation in 2010.
  • Adventure Parks: Our locations and the number of activities at each have grown substantially over the past six years. We are now more of a “park full of adrenaline pumping activities” where people can come play, spend an afternoon, and enjoy the outdoors while participating in activities that push their boundaries and help them find their happy dance.

Although we always will have some “Eco-Adventures” in our hearts, we’d love it if you’d now call us Treeosix (Tree-OH-six)! :)

Best Guides in Saskatchewan

At each Treeosix location, guests are treated to great experiences with Saskatchewan’s best guide team.

With over 50+ seasons of combined experience on our zip line tours, it is Treeosix’s crew that make each experience a safe and memorable one.

In addition to our course specific mandatory training that we’ve been improving and developing with the help of a third-party zip line tour builder/inspector who is certified with the Association of Challenge Course Technology (the international governing body of all commercial zip line, challenge course, and aerial park operations), our guides also receive facilitation training in the areas of stress management, diversity, and hazard identification, which has enabled us to ensure you are safe and supported on every adventure you embark on with us!

Making our mark without making a mark

We are most known for our two-hour long, guided zip line tours through the lodgepole pines of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. However, we have a sneaking suspicion that after you experience our tour through the boreal forest located at Elk Ridge Resort near Waskesiu Lake and Prince Albert National Park, you are going to have a whole new way to remember us!

Our tours are uniquely designed to blend in with their surroundings and have put smiles on the faces of thrill seekers and nature lovers alike since day one. What really brings them to life is our diverse group of zipline guides who put their hearts and souls into delivering memorable experiences to ensure you get the most out of your time with us. On top of that, our basecamp locations also feature a variety of awesome outdoor activities that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. At our Cypress Hills location, you will find a zip line tour, a high ropes course, a treetop drop, an outdoor climbing wall, a slackline park, a Spikeball court, and mini-zips for kids! At our Elk Ridge location, you will find a zip line tour, a giant swing, an outdoor climbing wall, a slackline park, and a Spikeball court.

Our reservation system makes it easy to book our tours at your leisure, yet we offer other ways to reserve your experience if that isn’t your bag. Our cancellation, payment, and extreme weather policies are fair and were created with our customers in mind. Our guides refer to you by your name and they pay attention to you emotionally while on our tours. We also try give back to the environment (ie – our use electronic waivers is one of the many things we do) and local area in ways that help create a healthy planet and preserve our outdoor playground for generations to come. 

Our "Brief" Timeline

  • April 2010 – The vision for a small outdoor adventure company with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly operations begins to take shape
  • November 2010 – Cypress Hills Eco-Adventures Ltd. is incorporated
  • May 2011 – The first zip line tour in the province of Saskatchewan is built amongst the lodgepole pines of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.
  • July 2011 – Cypress Hills Eco-Adventures Ltd. is open for business
  • May to September, 2012 to 2014 – tens of thousands of smiles light up the forest in the Cypress Hills
  • February 2014 – Elk Ridge Eco-Adventures Ltd. is incorporated
  • November 2014 – The second zip line tour in Saskatchewan is built amongst the boreal forest at Elk Ridge Resort near Waskesiu Lake
  • December 2014 – Eco-Adventures 306 Collective is formed
  • February 2015 – The not-for-profit, Eco-Adventures 306 Foundation Inc., is formed
  • December 2016 – The organization changes it’s name to Treeosix Adventure Parks

We are firm believers that parks and outdoor spaces are here for people to experience. With that said, we understand that we share sensitive spaces with mother nature and are aware that as with any outdoor activity, we leave a footprint. That’s why we developed a list of priorities to ensure our organization leads the way from an environmental standpoint in our industry.

The following priorities ensure we are supporting organizations that strive to achieve the same environmental goals and that all operational decisions we make take the environment into account, first and foremost. Here they are:

  • Environmental education initiatives
  • Environmental protection initiatives
  • Environmental sustainability initiatives
  • Initiatives which encourage youth to be active and explore the outdoors while directly incorporating any of the above three priorities

Make sure you take some time to look around during your next visit to one of our locations. You’ll definitely see the above priorities in action! Here are a few examples:

  • Our trail systems are designed with considerations of drainage and erosion in mind.
  • We make use of existing park trails whenever possible and clearly identify trails and viewing areas which we encourage spectators to stay on while they view the zip line canopy tour from the ground.
  • Our zip line tours are designed to blend in with the surroundings.
  • The only permanent infrastructure components on our entire site that make intrusions into the forest floor are the poles on our zip line tours and our septic tanks – everything else is completely removable!

See below for some more of our environmental initiatives!


Treeosix Adventure Parks donate 1% of their annual sales to staff recommended initiatives that benefit the local areas in which we operate.

Bullfrog Power

Treeosix Adventure Parks is bullfrogpowered® with 100% green electricity.

Our “We Bike to Work” Policy

In addition to the above efforts, we encourage our staff to reduce their environmental impact each day and be an ambassador for green initiatives. As of May 1st, 2012, all staff members living within the Cypress Hills Core Area or Elk Ridge Resort Area for the summer are required to walk or bike from their accommodations to our basecamp for work each day. For staff living outside those boundaries, we encourage carpooling whenever possible and purposefully set work schedules to try and maximize this. All the little things count and we encourage you to do the same when you visit us at Cypress Hills and/or Elk Ridge Resort!

Refuse and Recycling

We believe in keeping our area clean for you, our visitors, but most importantly for Mother Nature! Our tidiness is a reflection of our commitment to the high standard of guest satisfaction and respect for the environment that we strive to achieve. Litter containers and recycle bins are carefully and generously placed around the property to encourage patrons to help us keep our grounds as neat and clean as possible, so please make use of them. We recycle everything reasonable and donate all the proceeds.

Memberships and Partnerships

We are proud of the memberships and partnerships we have formed and celebrate the fact that we share common values with companies in a variety of other industries! Below are a few of the organizations that we support through joint collaboration and similar goals!

Elk Ridge Resort
The Resort at Cypress Hills
Association for Challenge Course Technology
Bullfrog Power – Canada’s Green Energy Source!
Cypress Hills Destination Area
Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park
Easter Seals Saskatchewan
Leave No Trace Canada
Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan In Motion
Tourism Saskatoon’s Green Stem Initiative
Tourism Saskatchewan
Waskesiu Wilderness Region


Here are a few of the past awards we've received:

2017 Flight Network – One of Canada’s Absolute Best Eco-Adventure Tours
2016 TripAdvisor – #1 Rated Outdoor Adventure Activity in All of Saskatchewan
2015 TripAdvisor – #1 Rated Outdoor Adventure Activity in All of Saskatchewan
2015 PAnow – Best Place to Get into the Swing of Things
2014 Tourism Industry Association of Canada – Hilton Worldwide Small to Medium-Sized Business of the Year Award
2014 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence – Business of the Year Award Finalist (under 20 employees)
2014 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence – Service Excellence Finalist
2013 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence – Business of the Year Award (under 50 employees)
2013 Best Guided Tour in Saskatchewan – Readers of Prairies North Magazine
2013 Small Business Champion – Canadian Federation of Independent Business
2013 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence – Online Marketing Award
2013 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence – Service Excellence Finalist
2012 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence – Fred Heal Tourism Ambassador Award – Jori Kirk
2012 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence – Service Excellence Award – Krista Berg
2012 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence – Business of the Year Finalist (under 50 employees)
2011 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence – Rookie of the Year Award

Media Requests

Interested in writing about us?

Never fear! We will work with you in a timely manner so that you have everything you need to make your life easier! Hi-res photos needed? Not a problem. We’ve got you covered.

If you would like to contact someone in the organization to help with this, here is the guy you are looking for:

Jori Kirk
President/CEO & Founder
Treeosix Adventure Parks
(email) jori@treeosix.com
(mobile) 306.661.7755

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A few testimonials from some awesome past guests!

"Wanted to thank you for all your assistance on locating different sites at and around Cypress Hills. Its great to know that you not only provide a fantastic zip line experience but also know and understand other attractions in the area and how to find them. Nice to know that we have a zip line in this province that is well ran and fun." ∼ Weyburn, SK

"Just wanted to give you guys a big THANKS from the Apex Group for our tour on Friday, everyone had a blast! We really enjoyed the guides and staff that helped make our branch function a success! You will most definitely be seeing some of us again! Thanks again and keep up the good work!!" ∼ Medicine Hat, AB

"I just wanted to extend our thanks from everyone for last Saturdays tour. Kerry/Maureen, Elle, Noelle, Stephen/Shawna, and Kathleen/Jarett. We all had a great time. The three of you provided a most enjoyable afternoon and we all appreciated the patience and humour demonstrated by you all. We will be back next year for sure....Now, If I can help in any way by providing any sort of testimonial about your business, don't hesitate to call anytime. Best regards." ∼ Edmonton, AB

"I just wanted to thank you both for an awesome time on the zip line tour! I really think you guys should know that you do a fantastic job with the tours. Your enthusiasm and encouragement made it completely worth the trip out there. Chelsea and I talked about it most of the day and I have already told everyone else about it. Also, thanks Jori for the info about camping, directions, and such prior to us coming out there. Honestly, heading to Cypress was more of a thought than an actual plan until I heard from you. You just made it sound fun and relaxed... and it was! Much needed. Well, no need to reply to this, guys! I'm sure you're busy people. I just wanted to give y'all some positive feedback about the great jobs you're doing!" ∼ Swift Current, SK

Select a Treeosix location and unleash your inner monkey.

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, SK
Elk Ridge Resort, Waskesiu Lake, SK