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What’s In A Name? (Tree-OH-six)

Posted on: November 14, 2017
Tags: About Treeosix

Formerly Eco-Adventures 306 Collective, we changed our name in 2017.
This business name change came about to clarify and reflect that we aren’t just a zip line tour (although our zip line tours are wicked fun) as our basecamps have developed a lot in the past six years, thanks to feedback from our customers. 
In reality, we are a true “adrenaline park” with many activities at our basecamps that are designed to push your boundaries and help you find your happy dance! 
Here’s the skinny on our why we call ourselves; Treeosix Adventure Parks:
  • Treeosix: our new name is a reflection of our playful attitude as well as the province we call home. We’ve been locally owned and operated in Saskatchewan (area code: 306 aka “Three-Oh-Six”) since our first year of operation in 2010.
  • Adventure Parks: Our locations and the number of activities at each have grown substantially over the past six years. We are now more of a “park full of adrenaline pumping activities” where people can come play, spend an afternoon, and enjoy the outdoors while participating in activities that push their boundaries and help them find their happy dance.

Although we always will have some “Eco-Adventures” in our hearts, we’d love it if you’d now call us Treeosix (Tree-OH-six)!


Jori Kirk
President, CEO, & Founder
Treeosix Adventure Parks

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