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Posted on: March 16, 2018
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Kelsie was born and raised in Beechy, SK and over the past several years has spend her summers as the Site Manager of Treeosix | Elk Ridge and her winters travelling the world. A pretty sweet gig most people would argue!

She describes herself as “a Canadian, who enjoys warm weather, low population densities and living in the forest.” Kelsie has a huge love for travel and photography, and always finds a fun way (lots of times “funny” if you read closely) of expressing her experiences that we at Treeosix really find entertaining.


Through photo essays and short stories, Kelsie showcases everything from short hikes out in the coulees where she grew up, to month long adventures in places far away from home that most people wouldn’t think of embarking on.

Here are four of our favourite photo essays that Kelsie created right in our own backyard (Saskatchewan, aka “The 306”, aka “The Land of the Living Skies”, aka “The Bread Basket of Canada”, aka “The Wheat Province”, aka “Home”):

1) Hikes with Dads

Basically, when your dad asks you to go for a walk with him, go. My dad did the other day and I ended up seeing a piece of our land I hadn’t seen since I was a kid and hearing stories that went along with it. Disclaimer: literally learned everything I just said from my dad so if it’s wrong blame him.  CLICK TO READ MORE…

2) Prince Albert National Parks’ Wild West

On the West side of Prince Albert National Park you’ll find a whole lot of wilderness, some wild bison and if you’re lucky, you might spot a couple cowboys. Sturgeon River Ranch operates authentic trail rides for multiple levels of experience, and you can always count on them for a wild time. CLICK TO READ MORE…

3) Two Nights on the Elk Trail

A friend and I went on a backcountry camping trip on Elk Trail in Prince Albert National Park the day after Thanksgiving. I’m gonna go ahead and throw some advice your way- don’t go on a hiking trip the day after Thanksgiving. Especially if you ate and drank half your weight all weekend like I did. CLICK TO READ MORE…

4) One Night on the Nut Point Trail

I hiked the Nut Point Trail a couple weeks ago and didn’t see any bears at all. This recent bear encounter made me think that maybe I’m just an idiot and my head is so in the clouds when I hike that I probably passed multiple bears and didn’t even notice. Probably for the best. CLICK TO READ MORE…

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