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Posted on: February 13, 2018
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So there you are. Sitting in your living room and getting super excited for summer as winter temps hover and snow continues to fall. With all that extra time on your hands, you begin to plan your next summer adventure. If you are planning a trip to Cypress Hills or Waskesiu Lake and have been yearning for a true, authentic, Saskatchewanian adventure, then a stop at the Canadian Tourism Award Winning Treeosix Adventure Parks is a MUST.

Now, some people may be hesitant to get a jump on the vacation planning too early with hopes that they can find a last minute deal. If you are one of those people, that’s okay but just know, you are likely missing out on the biggest promotions that seasonal businesses like Treeosix offer.

Below you will find three rules to follow to GUARANTEE you find the best deals at our two locations in the 306!


RULE #1: Purchase in the off-season to lock in the lowest possible price.

“The early bird gets the worm.” I’m sure everyone has had a parent tell them this at some point in their life. It’s good advice! Similar to what you see from the big corporate ski hills in Banff National Park with regards to their season passes, purchasing experience vouchers or reserving an adventure before the season begins is guaranteed to get you the lowest possible price.

The best promotions from Treeosix almost always have an element of time sensitivity. During our peak season, our zipline tours normally book up around two to three days in advance, so we are more likely to offer discounted rates on any bookings received outside of that booking window. During our off-season, we are trying to maintain a positive cash flow before the upcoming season, so we ALWAYS offer discounted rates to encourage purchases of our experience vouchers and gift cards.

At Treeosix, the off-season discounts start coming online in February and progressively inch closer and closer to our regular season prices as we get closer to the month of May. If you feel that February is too early to begin planning your trip, keep this in mind – as long as you book your adventure BEFORE our season begins, you will receive better deals than waiting until our season is underway.

Click one of the links below to take you to the Treeosix location of your choice. We’ve automatically applied the correct promo code to guarantee you the lowest rates we have to offer!

Treeosix | Cypress Hills     Treeosix | Elk Ridge


RULE #2: Subscribe to our "Ridiculously Good Deals" email list for the best peak season promos.

As a deal seeker myself, I know that the best deals usually never fall into your lap. Most companies require you to show some level of commitment or interest in them before they will open the floodgates of savings. Treeosix believes this as well, however, we also firmly believe that it is annoying as hell to receive 18,000 emails a day that are full of useless information. Case in point, have you ever purchased something from Vistaprint? If you have, try tell me while keeping a straight face that you love the plethora of follow-up emails they send you trying to hook you into buying something else.

Our “Ridiculously Good Deals” email is different. There are no complex rules to follow to unlock future rewards. Getting a deal does not require you to dig through the drawer of junk in your kitchen to find your loyalty card. There is no need to accumulate points that seem to take forever before you can redeem them for anything. It is just a single email, which we send out once a year before our season begins, that contains a bunch of exclusive promo codes, special rates, likely a couple tree puns, and other great offers that we’ve dreamed up. If you’ve missed our off-season promotions, this email will unlock the next best promotions that we offer.

Click HERE to subscribe!


RULE #3: Follow us on our social media channels for contests and other random promotion alerts.

At Treeosix, we primarily use our social media accounts to give you loveable and relatable insights into our company. We share everything from local deals from our tourism partners, upcoming events in the area, as well as give you alerts whenever we release a promotion. On top of that, we also make a concerted effort to brighten your day with clever/cheeky headings as we share funny videos and awesome pictures from our sites and the nature that surrounds us.

However, we also make use of our social media accounts to run contests where you can win free stuff (not just from us, but also packages from our industry partners from time to time). Over the past several years, we have given away nearly $5,000 worth of adventures and activity passes exclusively to the followers of our social channels! That’s pretty neat. As well, since our social channels are one way for us to spread information around really quickly, we tend to use those platforms to post all last minute deals and upcoming promotions that we create.

Here are the quick links to get you to our social channels. Don’t miss out, folks!





We hope to see you flying through the trees this summer!

Just remember:

“Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, creating value, and providing tree-mendous service to guests. Ultimately, business is a giant cobweb of human relationships.”

~ Anonymous Weirdo

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