Four players | Two teams | One crazy game

If beach volleyball and four square had a baby, it would be called “Spikeball”.

Get ready! We’ve added a new sport to our basecamps and it’s one that’s been sweeping across North America at the moment! It’s called Spikeball and it’s super fun. We’ve even hauled in some sand and made an official court for you to perfect the game with your friends.

How it works:

  • Two teams of two (four total) recommended.
  • Each team starts on opposite sides of the net.
  • Standing at least five feet from the net, Team One serves by tossing the ball and spiking it down on the net towards Team Two. Team Two has up to three hits (ie, “sets” in volleyball) between them before they have to spike it back onto the net. (NOTE: you do not have to use all three hits. This continues as a volley until one team can not return the ball.)
  • Scoring: rally style to 21. Volley to determine who serves first.
  • Important: once the ball is in play, there are no longer sides. Players can run anywhere they want. Teams switch serving sides once a team reaches 11 points. The first team to 11 points usually has done most of the trash talking at this point.

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