Zip. Climb. PLAY. / Just for the little ones

Calling all kiddos!

The Mini-Zips for Kids area consists of three low speed zip lines, ranging in length from 76 feet to 100 feet, as well as some bench seating for parents and spectators. Sorry folks…this stuff is just for the kids!

Now, these zip lines work slightly different than our full zip line canopy tour. Here’s how:

  1. You can not reserve spots in the mini-zips for kids area…walk ins only
  2. No harnesses or specialized gear needed
  3. All children must be under parent/adult supervision during their time on the zips
  4. Instead of 40 feet off the ground…the kids buzz along on a swing-style seat close to the ground
  5. Max speeds reach…ummm…walking pace (haha) but its just right for the little ones

These little zip lines are such a fun way for your kids to experience the thrill of zip lining in a safe and controlled environment and its also a great way for the designated “babysitter” to pass some time while other members of your group are on the full zip line tour!

So, next time you come to Treeosix Adventure Parks in Cypress Hills and you hear your kids say, “Can we go zip lining?!”; be assured you can answer that question with a definite “YES!”.

Select a Treeosix location and unleash your inner monkey.

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, SK
Elk Ridge Resort, Waskesiu Lake, SK